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4.9 star rating

Home Furnace or Heating installation in Las Vegas, NV

When it comes to new heating systems the team at Las Vegas Air Conditioning Inc., has all your bases covered. We have gone through countless man hours learning all about home comfort and let me say this. Do not neglect your furnace or heater it is a very important part to your overall comfort year around.

Yes, Las Vegas, Phoenix AZ or Texas you guys need heat too and it is very important.

We feel your choice in a furnace is more important than the choice in an air conditioner, because the furnace holds the blower motor that is used for ac also, plus it’s the furnace that can dry your skin or throat out. It’s the furnace that controls how well the air in your home is circulated for heat or cool. Many HVAC professionals concentrate on air conditioning only and will say “heat is not as important as air conditioning in Las Vegas” so they sell nice ac systems with no heating features or upgrades, and this is just plain wrong. Your furnace has come a long way as technology has progressed over the years, so don’t let some un-trained eye throw in a furnace without taking all the proper steps to ensure your comfort. I will list all the right steps here to try and help you out. We do this because “If we do not tell you, then you might not know”.

Our Furnaces are rated #1 on consumer reports.

Don’t Let Someone Install A Furnace, Without Performing A Combustion Analysis.

A combustion analysis will show you how much carbon monoxide is being generated or if the flame is producing soot. A proper installation includes adjusting gas to air ratios for proper combustion. We insure the machines heat exchanger isn’t being coated with soot from improper combustion. If a system is not properly adjusted including clocking the gas meter to verify proper BTU input then a furnace will not last as long as it should and may have a cracked heat exchanger prematurely. A proper combustion will produce more carbon dioxide than monoxide, thats important to prevent headache and other health risks that typically go un-noticed. And unforfunantly 97% of so called contractors don’t even own an analyzer or know how to do it.

We have literally 100s of ways to design/install a heating system

The best way is what’s best for you, your family and your home. So how can I say “what kind of furnace or system do you want? I can’t so we always find out what you want or what your concerns are, then we recommend a furnace or heating system that solves all of your concerns. And, based on how we match a system we can achieve almost any different type of indoor environment.

Do not let them put a box that blows cold air on your home

In the 80s and the 90s hvac contractors simply asked you what your square footage was and bam they recommended a system but that was so wrong and caused a bunch of problems, that we all got used to like uneven temperatures in rooms or temperature fluctuations in the home. We got used to having dry skin in the winter and dirty indoor air causing higher than normal allergy symptoms, sneezing. This is not necessary in 2014, and furnaces and heat pump systems have come a long way. Now we build a custom comfort system to match your family’s needs, concerns or conditions. We address comfort not just cooling and heating.

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