air conditioning

The Perfect Indoor Environment, what it takes and what it feels like…

Technologyand Equipment

air conditioningA Smart thermostat set at 76 degrees… That sends a signal to your Fully Modulating AC Condenser that has been running this whole time so quiet in fact that you could barely hear it 2 feet away. This AC Condenser reads the temperature outside, then communicating with the indoor air sensor Fully Variable Speed Furnace and thermostat, decides how much cooling the home needs to maintain 76 degrees. This technology keeps the compressor running at all times never shutting off, it just ramps up or it ramps down depending on the load. Since it never shuts off the indoor temperature never varies at all. And in the winter the opposite happens the furnace runs all the time never going on, off, on, off it just maintains the exact temperature you desire by just ramping up or down and always running as quiet and low speed as possible to go un-noticed.

You Feel… Your home will never vary from the temperature you set it, and that means every single bedroom. Yes, even that one that can’t seem to get cool now, because the variable speed motors can slow down to keep the air circulating and blending and it pulls less electricity than a 100W light bulb. Every bedroom to within 1/10th of a degree to where you set it.

A Perfectly balanced and sealed duct system and an air cleaner

Your Air Conditioner turns runs pulling air in from your home and blows it through your Accu Clean Indoor air Cleaner That Zap and Captures anything bad in the air your air is 100X cleaner than using the 1” air filter. Captures 99.8 % of all airborne allergens. The air leaves the air cleaner and travels through a perfectly sealed duct system, so no air escapes and all of the air you just paid to cool and filter comes back into the home as cooled, perfectly clean, healthy and breathable air. Now that your home is in a perfectly balanced there will be no pressure difference from inside to outside. This means when a front door or windows are open air will not exchange, except for very little due to hot being attracted to cold.

You feel… If you sneeze or have allergies this will not cure your allergies, but we can remove the allergy reactants and all the allergens in the air that cause your allergies to act up. And your home will stay cooler more equal temperatures and your power bill will be lower than you ever imagined because you’re not wasting anything and you’re not bringing in any dirty attic air or ant unwanted outdoor pollution.

You never wake up to dry lips, dry skin or dry throat because your whole home humidifier that is silently humming away inside the air conditioner and the furnace has been keeping your humidity exactly where you find most comfortable. With the fully Variable speed motor never shutting down, it is always 100% of the time, night and day pushing air through the air cleaner and the humidifier cleaning, cooling and humidifying your homes air ever so slightly but always, the result is you don’t even notice anything. Except: Perfect indoor temperatures that never change and you basically won’t even heat anything ever; you won’t feel anything, except comfortable at all times.

All this is technology that wasn’t available in 2012. Now Air Conditioning and Heating is so much more if educated properly it is whole home health and comfort.

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