Pic of Heating Maintenance check up

Winter Time Safety Check and Tune

With the cold coming, now’s the time to have your homes furnace or heating system cleaned, checked and tuned. Heating system can malfunction leaving you in the cold and in need of a heating repair company or even worse, kill. Yes a heating system can kill be burning down or by leaking carbon monoxide into the air stream. So keep an eye on these 3 things to make sure your home is safe and ready for winter.

  1. Replace your air filter; an air filter is cheap but much needed. If you don’t stop dirt at the filter, it will flow in and clog you condenser coil causing the airflow to be restricted. This restricted airflow will raise the temperature when the heat is on. High temperatures are not something you want in your attic so please replace your filter on a regular basis. I say every 1-3 months if after a month your filter is still clean then start giving it 2 but never go longer than 3 months.
  2. Pay attention to random or unexplained headaches, these could be caused by the furnace. Yes every time the furnace is heating the home it is generating carbon monoxide which is supposed to be sealed inside a metal heat exchanger and vented out the flue vent. But, heat exchangers crack and allow the carbon monoxide to flow into the air stream.
  3. Check your flue vent, be sure it’s clear and no birds have made their nests in it, or even died and clogged the vent. That happens more than you’d imagine and when the nest or bird clogs the vent the carbon n monoxide can’t escape so it flows into the air stream again.

Some of these things you can watch for at home and your filter is your responsibility but you need to call a licensed professional to come for a home visit and inspect your system on a regular basis. We will come right before winter clean, inspect and tune your heating system and stop your trouble before it happens.

If we inspect a furnace and find a crack, it’s not money were saving it may be your life. So be smart call now and get a winter heating preventative maintenance or even better sign up for our no breakdown no trouble club and well inspect your home twice a year. Once your part of the club and we have inspected, if it ever breaks we come back for free plus the thermostat is always free for our club members so get covered now by a Las Vegas Air Conditioning No Breakdown Iron Clad No trouble club.