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How to, stop being uncomfortable, hot or cold when you sleep or any other time.

      You just get into bed and oh, how cozy it is. You snuggle on up to your favorite pillow, stretch out both legs and gently twist each foot back and forth. Everything is great for a bit but wait, I’m starting to get hot, ok throw off the covers, that didn’t help enough it’s still warm … wait did the air conditioning just turn on, oh that feels great at last it’s comfortable. But, 1 minute later… I’m starting to get cold. Let’s try just the sheet this time. This is an example of a temperature swing or fluctuation and you do not have to live with it.

What causes this problem? This is caused by old style air conditioners that have only one speed. On or off now on or off will keep the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter but, since it can’t slow down it can’t maintain an exact temperature. It’s always going to run and bypass the thermostats set point and shut off. Then it will allow the home to start warming up, and every room will warm at a different speed because every room has a different heat load. Now you may start to feel hot in one room while the thermostat still thinks it is cool. In order for a single stage air conditioner to maintain an accurate temperature it would have to go on off on off on off on off. And, that would kill it very early in its life because it takes more power to start than it does to just stay running, so they always allow for about a 1-2 degree temperature swing either way.

Now imagine… A home that could stay at the same temperature all the time year around and had a perfect humidity level. You never felt like a blanket while on the couch, because your home was perfectly comfortable all the time. Y

our skin never felt dry, you never woke up with a dry throat because your homes humidity was spot on 100% of the time.

Imagine if every room in your home was capable of maintaining a separate temperature or all the same temperature

 exactly to within a 1/10th of degree accuracy whichever your heart desires. That is all possible with today’s technology. If your daughter wants her room 75 but you want yours 78, no problem. That means you never have to be uncomfortable no matter what room you’re in.

How can we get a home with that much indoor comfort?



That’s all possible with a new technology in compressors; no longer do they have to just be on or off. Now we have air conditioners that can literally vary in speed from 30% all the way to 100% so your air conditioner would only put out enough cool air to maintain the exact temperature you desired to within 1/10th of a degree. As the room temperature starts to rise the air conditioner responds by revving up a percent to combat the attempted temperature rise. If the temperature outside starts getting warmer the air conditioner will sense that and once again respond by adjusting its speed to whatever it deemed necessary to keep you the exact temperature you told it to be. You can have a digital temperature display and thermostat in every room that you may want to be different from the rest; paired with a zone system your air conditioner would adjust its airflow depending on how many of your rooms wanted air at that very moment.

What type of equipment can do that?

American Standard Platinum ZV Systems are a thing of the future but, they are here and available.

If you live in Las Vegas we can help you get one of these at Las Vegas Air Conditioning Inc 702-437-1888 6220 Kimberly Ave #13, Las Vegas, NV 89122 but if your outside our area simply visit the American Standard website and find yourself a local dealer as they have to be a dealer to buy this type of equipment.