Welcome to the Repair Matrix

A step by step troubleshooter for central ac systems.

Getting to the root of an air conditioning problem can be quite confusing. But with our patented AC Repair Matrix, you will be able to pinpoint the source of failure in your air conditioning system. It covers every twist and turn and if followed would be exactly like having me there doing it for you. And now it is available to you.

The AC Repair Matrix, is it for you?

If you’re a pro, it  could make you faster, and more accurate.

It’s your first time, working on an air conditioner. No sweat, it’s for you too, we make it easy.

We are still writing different versions of the matrix, we will eventually have a matrix for every model number so keep in touch. For Now Air Conditioning Repair is 100% so have at it.

Air Conditioning repair / Split System
Heating Repair / In production now
Rooftop Systems / In production now