Real Live Search and Rescue Mission by Las Vegas Air Conditioning

Today we got a call from a homeowner that stated “I think there are kittens inside of my air conditioners ductwork, who can I call to have them removed”? Well our office that is apparently over sympathetic for kittens (JACKIE) sent Stephen, John and Tom to rescue these kittens. So, during a busy Las Vegas summer day we took the time to use our Google glass to record ourselves live during a real search and rescue mission.
So we arrive on scene prepared with way more cat cages than we needed, but remember we didn’t know how many kittens we’d find. This was destined to be a fun service call and rather rewarding.

Watch it here from Google Glass Search and Rescue Mission, Operation Cat Hole

So since the complaint was kittens in the ductwork I thought it best to search for their entry point into the ductwork, probably up on the roof since it was a package gas air conditioning unit on the roof. Upon reaching the roof I caught a glimpse of a furry thing is the best I could tell at this time but it vanished into what appeared to be the ductwork.
I then decided to go inside of the attic and try to locate the kittens and cut open ductwork to remove them. But upon entering the attic I realized that the area I saw the kitten run to wasn’t the attic at all it was an access to the attic that wasn’t sealed. So I searched high and low, under insulation, under ductwork. I stuck my arms into places I don’t want to repeat looking for any sign of hair to no avail. I then wondered if I really saw any fur move earlier so I double checked the supposed kitten’s steps and found that the area I was seeing also had a path to under the air conditioner itself.
We now had a second option so we relocated back up to the roof and started our search there and with luck were able to locate a kitten as it came screeching out of the whole a barreled for the ledge two stories up.
The kitten plants 2 front feet on the ledge, he bends his 2 rear legs and launches his 2 front feet become air born and snatch the lifesaving hand of Stephen Gamst pulls the kitten from his impending doom.
After a few more minutes of searching we found only one more kitten and after we were sure we had retrieved all the kittens we sealed up the ladies hole to the attic free of charge because some things you do for reasons other than money.

After it was all done and said we had retrieved two kittens that our team adopted and took home to love.

By Stephen Gamst

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