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Up to $1575 in Rebates

The NV Energy Exact Comfort program is a central air conditioning and heating rebate program designed to assist NV Energy customers with maintaining operational and energy efficient Air Conditioners. This program will help NV Energy lower power consumption and minimize the load on their systems. The goal is lower power bills and higher customer satisfaction.  Brought to you by Las Vegas Air Conditioning

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Save Energy – Instant Rebates – $ Energy Savings $ – Clean AC

With Rising Energy Costs Energy Efficiency is a prime concern for most Las Vegas Locals. It’s No surprise that NV Energy Cares Too. I know what you’re thinking NV Energy wants you to have a high bill. Well that’s not really the case as they don’t have enough power to supply the city during peak load hours so they have to resort to buying power from outside sources such as Arizona or California to prevent blackouts. When they do that they pay big, so they either have to build another power plant or find ways to lower the consumption. That is where we come in, they have contracted us to seal your ductwork, tune up your air conditioner or even replace your old in-efficient AC with a new system. Basically they want to save power and we know how to do that. The greatest part is it’s free to you. All you have to do is call us, schedule your free service and that’s it. Just allow us onto your property to perform the services you qualify for and they pay not you.

What’s included? What Do We Do?

Air Conditioning Tune-Up: We come to your home and perform the most thorough AC Evaluation You’ve ever seen guaranteed. We check the Airflow, Ductwork, Cleanliness, Freon Charge, Amp Draw, Seer, EER, Superheat and much more. We can tell how efficient the machine is operating and how long it may last using our state of the art I-Manifold Gauges. We then forward that report to you and NV Energy. Next we clean both coils and re-test the system looking for improvement. Existing system must be operational and at least 2 years old to be eligible. If you have participated in an NV Energy Rebate of this type in the last 8 years then you’re not eligible either.

Early Replacement: If your air conditioning and heating system is old enough it may automatically qualify for an early replacement rebate. Or if its 10+ years old but not quite old enough to automatically qualify, then we hook up our state of the art I-Manifold and test the systems actual operating EER and if it’s below an 8 you qualify for the early replacement rebate of $475. We then replace your entire system with a new system of your choosing and give you an instant $475 rebate towards the cost.

Return Air Modification: If your air conditioner or heating system has a broken or undersized duct, we can replace and upgrade that duct with a brand new properly sized duct. NV Energy will pay $250 for this service. One clue that your duct may be undersized and causing AC issues or higher power bills is whistling. If you can hear your system pulling air through the air filter your duct may be undersized.

Who Qualifies?

Anybody with a power bill, it doesn’t matter if you own the home or not as our goal is to lower power consumption in the Las Vegas, NV valley so an Electric bill means you qualify.

* Improve your homes efficiency by 20%
* Enhance Indoor Comfort year around
* Lower your cooling and heating bills
* Increase reliability of your AC and Heating System

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