We'll stream your
repair or diagnostic
to your i-pad.

One more reason to love us!

This is the only place willing to broadcast the diagnostic or repair straight to you to watch what the technician is doing. Basically you sit on the couch while we go up into the nice cool attic and we search for the source of a problem with you watching on a company provided tablet. We find the problem together.

Two Ways Too Watch.

There are two ways to watch us perform live video diagnostics:
We broadcast the live video from your home straight to an i-pad or we can upload it to youtube for you.

Our YouTube Channel:

We will only stream upon request.

No worries our technicians would never record your home without your permission first. This service is not automatic when you call us for service. If however you would like to participate and have your diagnostic appear on our channels or  tell the person who answers when you call us, that you’d like to broadcast your repair. And we’ll schedule you right in ASAP. Be aware there are only so many broadcasters and not every technician has one so schedule now the slots are limited and fill up fast.