Las Vegas Air Repairs a Failed AC Unit With Temperatures Over 110 Degrees.

On June 21, temperatures at the Maciulewicz house climbed to 95 degrees all too fast, before they realized the AC had failed. Thats the problem in Las Vegas, with temperatures of unto 118 degrees in some areas of the city. The home can get hot fast if the air conditioner is not working properly. Thats why the Malciulewicz acted fast and called Las Vegas Air Conditioning. After no time at all the Las Vegas Air Conditioning company arrived and were greeted by Jeff Gillan from News 3 Las Vegas. Jeff proceeded to document our team as they diagnosed and thankfully repaired that air conditioner in less than 30 minutes. With cool air circulating again the Maciulewicz house will be sleeping sound once again.

Check out these cool tips for saving some energy this summer. These general maintenance tips can save more than energy they can save you from breaking and needing repair

  1. When your not home turn the temperature up 4-5 degrees.
  2. Don’t watch your AC rattle, a rattle means your going to have a leak soon.
  3. Keep the AC clean, spray the coil with water once a year.
  4. Have a professional look at it for the more extensive preventative maintenance measures.