Disabled women gets an Air Conditioning unit donated, here’s how you could get one too.

On June 21st Jennifer Jax’s air conditioner croaked. With her Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, it’s already hard to breathe on a normal day. Now add 107 degrees and there’s a recipe for disaster. When Jennifer called around to multiple AC companies and even had a few over to diagnose the problem they told her shed have to pay over $800 upfront to get cool again. Now that might be ok for some but Jennifer being out of work and on disability just didn’t have it. Her poor cats were suffering as well that’s why Jennifer kept looking until she found Las Vegas Air Conditioning Inc. When the guys at Las Vegas Air Conditioning heard Jennifer’s story they acted fast and sent a technician to Jennifer’s home with orders to fix the machine for free. But, forfunantely for both parties the system proved to be in pretty bad shape and better off replaced. That’s fortunate for Jennifer because a new AC will save her a ton of electricity and ensure the home stays trouble free and cool for many years to come. And fortunately for Las Vegas Air because we found a great place to do a good deed.

Las Vegas Air Conditioning has a Good Deeds program designed to locate those who need our help. Just go to and theres a place to leave your story. If you know someone who just needs the help whether its you, a family member or a friend. send us the story and if it touches the right heart they could receive a free service.