picture of bad wiring

Worst I’ve seen in Las Vegas, thats why you call licensed professionals.

When your Heating or Air Conditioning system malfunctions, don’t just call your friend or cousin bobby’s friend either. Call a licensed professional that has a proven track record and has a licensing board to answer to.

Last winter I went to a no heating call to help a cold Las Vegas citizen. This man told me “ the guy who looked at it before you took some parts to look for replacements, but I can’t reach him now”. So what I found on the roof was absolutely shocking. The company or man had stolen this man’s heat exchanger and left his heating system in shambles. Here is the Video

picture of bad wiring

What did I run into

Calling an un-licensed company or person leaves you dry when there’s trouble. When you allow someone to work on your home, calling a licensed professional who cares about his reputation has mostly 5 or 4 star reviews or we could say a proven track record of happy customers. Calling a company like this guarantees they will act in a way to avoid a complaint. And, that means treating you with respect, answering the phone and being on time. But mostly speaking the honest truth and in the event that there was an issue that company would most likely jump to make it right before a complaint is recorded.

Here is a list of things I would advise you look at before choosing a company to call to your home.

1.       Make sure they are A or A+ with the better business bureau.

2.       Make sure they have mostly 4-5 star reviews on Google because you can’t fake those.

3.       Make sure they send you a technician and not a salesman, (if he shows up clean as a whistle and doesn’t bring his tools. Then he didn’t come to fix anything.

4.       If they do not answer the phone professionally then just move on.

5.       If they can not send you a technician today then move on, there are others who offer same day.

And if you’ve read this try visiting my air conditioning repair info page to learn more or schedule me our my guys to service your Las Vegas home. Or if you live in other states visit my you tube page for links to other great air conditioning companies around the world.

By Stephen Gamst of Las Vegas Air Conditioning Inc.

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