Going Green: How Can I Make My Home More Energy Efficient?

In today’s drowning economy paired with higher energy costs than ever recorded, saving has become one of today’s consumer’s highest concerns. For Good Reason……….. My name is Stephen Gamst and I’m an HVAC contractor in the Las Vegas valley, my job is to drive around working on homes and listening to people’s stories. And, there’s […]


Did You Check The Big 6 Yet? …..The Heat Approaches.

Routine maintenance for your air conditioner could stop the BIG 6. The Fire rises above the mountain crest, getting closer and closer by the day. It brings the light and the much anticipated relief from the cold winter. It is summer, and it is coming. In Las Vegas, NV our summers are beyond hot. I […]

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The Perfect Indoor Environment, what it takes and what it feels like…

Technologyand Equipment A Smart thermostat set at 76 degrees… That sends a signal to your Fully Modulating AC Condenser that has been running this whole time so quiet in fact that you could barely hear it 2 feet away. This AC Condenser reads the temperature outside, then communicating with the indoor air sensor Fully Variable […]