Real Live Search and Rescue Mission by Las Vegas Air Conditioning

Today we got a call from a homeowner that stated “I think there are kittens inside of my air conditioners ductwork, who can I call to have them removed”? Well our office that is apparently over sympathetic for kittens (JACKIE) sent Stephen, John and Tom to rescue these kittens. So, during a busy Las Vegas […]

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Why is my bedroom always hotter than the rest of the house?

To fully understand why some parts of most homes are either too hot or too cold. Or why one room is always hotter than the rest. You first need to understand what heat load is. Heat load is how much cooling or heating is needed to properly heat or cool a particular room, usually measured […]


LV Air on News 3 Introducing Google Glass

Las Vegas Air Conditioning was a guest on News 3, “Wake Up With the Wagners” on May 1 to highlight how we’re using Google Glass to benefit our customers.  We’ve been using them so that as we work on your equipment, you can watch what we are doing and see each step as it’s being […]

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How to, stop being uncomfortable, hot or cold when you sleep or any other time.

      You just get into bed and oh, how cozy it is. You snuggle on up to your favorite pillow, stretch out both legs and gently twist each foot back and forth. Everything is great for a bit but wait, I’m starting to get hot, ok throw off the covers, that didn’t help enough […]


The Repair Matrix is one tool that could basically “Save Your Life This Summer”. And, it’s free…

         We Las Vegas residents typically don’t like calling air conditioning men to our home. They are looked at as being liars or overcharging but, with this new tool “The Repair Matrix” you will be able to diagnose and fix your own air conditioner simply safely and just like a pro would. […]