Home Air Conditioning, Buyers Guide

If you’re looking to replace a home air conditioning system, then you are facing a big decision with so many possible answers. It can get confusing and everyone you talk to says a different thing or likes a different brand. Well that’s because everyone has an interest, or maybe has a different goal. What’s the best […]

picture of bad wiring

Worst I’ve seen in Las Vegas, thats why you call licensed professionals.

When your Heating or Air Conditioning system malfunctions, don’t just call your friend or cousin bobby’s friend either. Call a licensed professional that has a proven track record and has a licensing board to answer to. Last winter I went to a no heating call to help a cold Las Vegas citizen. This man told […]

Pic of Heating Maintenance check up

Winter Time Safety Check and Tune

With the cold coming, now’s the time to have your homes furnace or heating system cleaned, checked and tuned. Heating system can malfunction leaving you in the cold and in need of a heating repair company or even worse, kill. Yes a heating system can kill be burning down or by leaking carbon monoxide into […]

Stephen by ac unit

Repair or Replace an Air Conditioner?

Repair or Replace that is the question. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, should I replace my air conditioner? How long will my air conditioning last? Those are questions everyone has pondered at some point. Now, I will answer all the important questions regarding air conditioning replacement vs. repairing the old unit. There are a […]


Stephen Gamst on News 3 talks about a Fall checkup for your A/C and Furnace

What do you need to do to get your home ready for fall? Stephen talks about the steps you should take to prepare your air conditioning and heating system prepared for the fall and winter on News 3 in Las Vegas. Preparing your home for fall. Here are three things we check with every air conditioning […]