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Why Do Air Conditioning Systems Keep Getting More Expensive?

1. Manufacturers raise prices across the board every year. With costs going up every year on material for everything from copper to steel and utilities rising for everyone including manufacturers. The cost to make an air conditioner goes up every year. And, of course they raise the selling price accordingly every year. 2. EPA Has […]

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The Benefits Of Using Wearable Technology In Field Service.

AC Repair On Air, At Las Vegas Air Conditioning For the past few years we have been conducting field studies on wearable technology in the HVAC industry. We have been sending our technicians out into the field to perform Live AC Repair in Las Vegas, NV. They are wearing Google Glass and a few other wearable […]

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Keeping Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Properly in 100+ Degree Heat

Stephen Gamst of Las Vegas Air Conditioning was on the News 3 evening news cast on Tuesday, June 16. Stephen went over a number of things that you can do for preventative maintenance to keep your air conditioning unit running smoothly to keep your home cool this summer in the desert. You can read the […]

Las Vegas Air on News 3 Tonight at 5pm

It’s the hottest week of the year so far and the worst time for your air conditioner to stop working. Watch us on News 3 tonight as we go over air conditioning tips.    


Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance, Why’s It Important and What’s Involved.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance What’s the Point? What Does It Prevent? How Do We Do It? What’s Involved? The point of air conditioning maintenance is simple, stop your troubles before they happen. To that regard a maintenance is not simply a check-up. There are two types of air conditioning companies. A company that sends out a man […]