Why Should You Upgrade to a High-Efficiency Gas Furnace?

Having a gas furnace in your home is essential for your comfort especially if you live in areas affected by the cold. And while it is working well, most people are reluctant to change it. Of course, the disruption of changing your furnace, as well as the cost are major factors, but even bearing these […]


Disabled women gets an Air Conditioning unit donated, here’s how you could get one too.

On June 21st Jennifer Jax’s air conditioner croaked. With her Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, it’s already hard to breathe on a normal day. Now add 107 degrees and there’s a recipe for disaster. When Jennifer called around to multiple AC companies and even had a few over to diagnose the problem they told her shed […]


Las Vegas Air Repairs a Failed AC Unit With Temperatures Over 110 Degrees.

On June 21, temperatures at the Maciulewicz house climbed to 95 degrees all too fast, before they realized the AC had failed. Thats the problem in Las Vegas, with temperatures of unto 118 degrees in some areas of the city. The home can get hot fast if the air conditioner is not working properly. Thats […]

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We saved this lady from the doghouse – 11 o’clock news on channel 3

Las Vegas Air Conditioning was dispatched to a Las Vegas residence late Friday night. Upon arrival, we determined the compressor was not starting. Luckily we were able to replace the capacitor and save the compressor this time. And it’s a good thing because the homeowner was about to sleep in the dog house because it […]