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AC Repair serving Henderson, Nevada!

Located on South Boulder Highway, we’re ready to serve Henderson for any type of heating or air conditioning repairs needed.

Repairs, Replacements, Maintenance We Do It All.

Our Air Conditioning Repair Services Resume to you:

  • 30+ years’ experience, hands on air conditioning and heating repair
  • 30+ years with our good name, that means we’ll treat you right because we care.
  • A+ Better Business Bureau
  • Smart routing devices on every van ensures same day service
  • Fully Licensed and Insured
  • Clean Cut, Drug Free Staff Guaranteed
  • Our vans arrive fully stocked with parts.
  • We Can Fix it Guaranteed
  • 1 Year Warranty On All Repairs
  • The most likable staff in town
  • Lifetime Warranty On New Equipment

Same Day Service

The Team at Las Vegas Air Conditioning Inc. has been servicing Henderson since 1969. That means we have the experience, the tools, the knowledge and the care it takes to provide exceptional heating and air conditioning service and repair to Las Vegas and Henderson for over 30 years and still maintain an A+ with the Better Business Bureau. That means we take care of our customers and if ever in the unlikely event there was an issue, we make it right before anyone gets upset, So call us now and see what stellar service and a real warranty looks like.

There’s nothing we can’t fix

A lot can go wrong with a heating system in Henderson, from the heat pump split systems up on Black Mountain to the gas split system air conditioners in green valley. But our fleet is on standby for you. When your heating system or air conditioning unit fails, hiccups or is just plain old. Whatever you’re thinking if it’s heating or air conditioning in any way, call us now you’ll be happy you did.

7 + 0 = ?

Do you need a brand-new air conditioning unit? We can help you there too!

Picture a home that stayed exactly where you set the thermostat to within 1/10th of a degree. An environment that had the perfect amount of humidity. Where you never have dry throat, dry lips, dry skin or eyes. Picture a home where you never felt or heard the air conditioning or the furnace but it was always comfortable in every single part of the house. Picture a home that had a hundred times better air filtration than that one inch filter your using at the moment. Picture less sneezing, zero allergens and less allergy symptoms. You never feel the air because it is just always a perfect environment. That’s the kind of system you will have if you call Las Vegas Air Conditioning, and be sure to ask about our Platinum Home Package.

When your home or activity is in need of an expert air conditioning service and repair company or a brand-new air conditioning setup, try calling the pro’s at Las Vegas Air Conditioning, for peace of mind.

Same Day Service to Henderson, NV Green Valley, Black Mountain, Las Vegas, Anthem, Southern Highlands and all other surrounding areas.

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Our Air Conditioning Superpowers

Tell The Truth

We know Air Conditioning companies have a bad rap and we know why. But at Las Vegas Air Conditioning Inc., we don’t play that game. With us there is only one way to do things, the right way “Over And Above”. That’s been our way since the beginning.

We Have X-Ray Vision

Our Technicians are so good, so experienced we can take one look at your air conditioner or heater and tell you what is wrong with it, what is weak and how long it will last. Because after this many years we know what to expect and we’ve see it all. We can also give you energy saving tips and tune up repairs to lower your homes power bill.

We’re Green

We are an American Standard Dealer and we have some of the highest efficiency units on the market 20+ Seer Equipment that’s variable speed and can cool or heat your home to within ½ degree accuracy. And all this with less power that your household hair dryer. That’s 2015.

Money Vs. Reputation

At Las Vegas Air Conditioning Inc. our name is gold and it’s untarnished after 30 years. That means when we service your Henderson home, we’ll do it with respect, honesty, professionalism and we’re going to send a man who lives and breathes air conditioning. The Only way to be un-reproachable is to be honest at every turn, so that’s just what we do. We perform to a level that ensures you’ll be happy and satisfied with your service so we won’t have to answer a complaint, there won’t be one.

Heat pump Repairs

A lot of technicians have trouble fixing heat pumps, but at Las Vegas Air Conditioning we hold weekly training courses to maintain our technical excellence.

Gas Heating

For Us No matter how old or new gas heating repair is a breeze.

More of our Superpowers are…

We Wrote The Book

That’s right we wrote the book on ac repair it’s called the “AC Repair Matrix” and it’s on the app store now. With it anyone can walk themselves through diagnosing and repairing an air conditioning system step by step. I told you we we’re honest, we don’t even mind telling you how to do it yourself to save some cash.

Live YouTube Video Streaming

Check us out on YouTube for do it yourself videos and real repairs. Using our head mounted cameras we can stream live video of our diagnoses straight to YouTube, Facebook and Google plus for other air conditioning technicians to log in, watch and interact. What happens is all the best AC Repairmen around the country log on and helps diagnose the system. That means you have all the greatest minds from around the country looking at you heater or air conditioner. This all happens live so the viewers can say what they think and we can all collaborate on the suggestions and repairs. If we can’t fix it, then nobody can.


Heating Systems can be dangerous. A Furnace produces carbon monoxide every time it runs. Air Conditioners produce water every time they run. Carbon Monoxide Kills 430 a year and causes countless headaches, water can damage ceilings, drywall and cause mold. That’s why no matter what our reason for being at your home, our eyes are always trained to catch these other problems that can sometimes go un-noticed until it’s too late. So if nothing else gets your home heating and air conditioner cleaned, tuned and inspected. To prevent one of the above mentioned problems.