The Leading Air Conditioning Replacement Company in Las Vegas. There’s only one right way to install an air conditioner. If your in the to replace, we can help you by performing a free in home estimate. Our initial sizing and load calculations will determine the right size and capacity of air conditioning needed to improve your homes overall comfort. That mean’s when we install your air conditioning system, it will last. We’re confident so well go ahead and put a lifetime warranty on it. Yes, well back that up in writing.

30+ Years Air Conditioning Las Vegas

Here’s our Company resume to you

          • We have been installing air conditioning systems right here in Las Vegas, Since 1969
          • We got your back with the best warranty in town
          • We’re on time; we have been known to arrive within an hour from your call.
          • The team is drug tested and background checked for your safety.
          • No Risk with us, 1 year money back guarantee
          • We do not guess on sizing, we do the proper load calculations.
          • Installation guaranteed to be in top 10% in country.
          • Fully Licensed, Bonded and insured.
          • Quality Control checklists, to ensure you get what you paid for.
          • Custom design, to ensure a new level of comfort for your family.
          • Free in home estimates
          • Lifetime installation warranty with all new systems.
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46 Years In Business & Still 4.8 Stars… We’re A Sure Thing.

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The Old Way…Or…The Wrong Way

Previously, a contractor simply asked you your home’s square footage and with that they sized and replaced your air conditioner.  I’m here to tell you that is all wrong!  Contractors didn’t have many options when it came to air conditioning and heating.  They simply put a box on the house that blew in cold or hot air; not a lot of thought went into it but of course, it kept you cool or warm.  However, it wasn’t very efficient, nor very comfortable.  This caused some problems that you may not have noticed or didn’t know what caused these problems such as uneven room temperatures, temps in the home that fluctuate resulting in it being too hot or too cold and to adjust the temps accordingly.  Also, dry air causing dry throat or dry skin in the winter or even dirty air causing allergy symptoms.

The New Way…Or…The Right Way

These days, technology has come a long way regarding air conditioning systems.  With proper training and matched systems, we can customize a comfort system for your home and family that will accommodate all of your needs and concerns.  We make you more comfortable in your home by building a custom system and sizing it just right for your home by performing a proper load calculation.

We provide a healthier, cleaner home environment by addressing things like dry skin or dry lips; we address air quality and allergy symptoms by ensuring there are no duct leaks and by some pretty amazing home air filtration systems!

The Value of Our Installation

9 out of 10 air conditioners installed in the US are wrong!

There has been numerous studies on air conditioners over the years, but I’d like to point out one in particular.  The North Carolina Alternative Energy Corporation is a non-profit organization that did a study on air conditioning system efficiencies at the factories under laboratory conditions.

They then tested those same air conditioners after they were installed into homes by random air conditioning contractors and what they discovered was actually quite astounding:  9 out of 10 air conditioning systems installed in the US are installed wrong causing energy waste or causing a comfort problem.  That means that 9 out of 10 people who buy a new air conditioner do not get what they pay for.

Instead they get this: According to the Nevada Department of Energy.

  • 93% have duct leakage; this causes poor indoor air quality, allergy symptoms, drafts and un-even room temperatures. May double the hvac portion of the energy bill.
  • 47% have over sized units, this is very common the old saying bigger is better does not apply to air conditioning. Does not run enough to evenly distribute air, shorter equipment life, more breakdowns and increased energy costs.
  • 54% have incorrect refrigerant charge, this cause’s increased compressor failure, noisier equipment, could add as much as 17% to the power costs.

But when you hire a pro like Las Vegas Air Conditioning Incorporated to design and install your home air conditioning system. You won’t have any of that, we guarantee you will be in the top 10% in the country with an ideal home environment and you will be more comfortable than ever before.

How can we guarantee that you ask?

Quality control checklist

That’s how, we know that even the best can forget something especially in an attic after a long install. That’s why we end every installation with one of our quality control audit. We come back and make sure we didn’t forget anything and that every dip switch is set right and you are getting every possible feature or benefit your new air conditioning machine has to offer.

The Value in a custom design

Anything short of a heat load calculation is just a good guess. A proper heat load calculation is the key to your comfort. There is no other way to ensure your families health, safety and comfort. Plus, Energy Star say’s “A good contractor will not size an air conditioner based solely on square footage and we will not assume the existing equipment was sized right”. The Department of Energy say’s “it is the contractor’s duty to perform the proper correct sizing and heat load calculation for the home. At Las Vegas Air Conditioning we perform all the necessary load calculations to ensure you receive the right hvac system for your home.

Do a load calculation, bigger is not better

Problems caused by too small a unit are high energy costs, constantly running, shorter life, reduced comfort. Problems caused by an oversized system are higher installation costs, more breakdowns, large room temperature differences, possible mold growth.

The Install is top notch, We Verify

We have a unique installation process, and when our technicians finish the jobs. They take a strict set of photos that are verified by 3 different people in the company. This process ensures the quality of the installations stays top notch. We also provide some of the most amazing home comfort systems on the market by far. Imagine a system that could maintain a temperature in your home within 1/10th of a degree to where you set the thermostat. A home, where every room is the exact same temperature, and you never feel dry skin, lips or throat. Imagine a home with air quality better than your hospitals infant ward. Our variable air-flow system will bring you into 2014 with style, quiet operation and no more all on or all off, this system will only give your home the amount of air it needs at that time. Like we said “It’s simply the best equipment on the market hands down. We had to go to special training just to be able the offer this type or this quality of systems, most technicians would not even know how to install a system like this, but at Las Vegas Air Conditioning you are not dealing with your average ac company.

No Risk, 100% Money back guarantee

Our warranty is exclusive to Las Vegas Air, 1 year money back guarantee if our system fails to keep your home cool to 78 degrees on a 105 degree day we will give you back every penny. We have 10 years on all parts and 10 years on all labor and a lifetime installation guarantee. All this means if your new air conditioning system so much as hiccups, It’s our problem not yours.

Highest Energy Savings of any systems

So on top of this new level of comfort you will have we will also save you some money, Our systems can be fully modulating and up to 20 Seer that is a 50% savings compared to a 10 year old system running at 10 seer. We have been known to lower power bills from $400 down to $150 a month. But, don’t sweat if that’s not the system you want, we have many more that are certain to fit your needs.

We have your size!

12 Months No Interest or easy low monthly payments

We’re affordable; we offer the lowest financing rates in town. 12 months same as cash options, or or choose to stretch it and lower the payment. We have been known to lower your power bill more than the monthly payment on the new system so you actually save money every month and still get your new system.

If this sounds like the company you want to do business with, give us a call now to schedule a free in home estimate and evaluation.

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