Ok here’s how to properly replace a bad condenser motor for an air conditioning unit.

Your first step is to verify the power is off to the air conditioning unit. 

We don’t want to get shocked mid repair.

upsidedown lid to an air conditioner.

Remove the lid from the condenser and set it upside down on the ground.


(Note: To remove the lid you will have to cut or remove the wires to the condenser motor, this is OK.)

Now with a crescent wrench loosen the lock nut holding the blade to the motor shaft.

Use sand paper to clean the motor shaft, then apply oil or WD 40 on shaft.

Now lock the crescent wrench on to flat spot of the condenser motor and turn left and right vigorously, while at the same time pulling up on the blade until the blade comes off.

(Note: Only pull on the blade from the center hub, or it will bend.)

Set the blade at least 5 feet away in a safe place to avoid accidentally bending it.

Blade removed.

Now Flip the Air Conditioners lid over again and remove the 4 nuts holding the motor to the lid.

Grab your new motor. Make sure the HP and the Amp draw of the new motor are the same or greater than the old motor.

(Note: Sometimes you can take out a 1/3 HP Motor, put in a 1/3 HP motor and the new one will overheat because new motors are not as strong as old ones. Today we pay attention to the rated amp draw as much as horse power, just get a motor with a high max amp rating and you’ll be ok.)