Since the compressor did not try to pull any power, we know the windings are open internally. What we do not know is. Will the compressor reset when we cool it off. Let’s go find out

Pull the disconnect or turn off the breaker now.

Remove the lid from the air conditioner so we can access the top of compressor.

Run a garden hose over the compressor for 10-15 minutes straight to cool it off.

After 10-15 minutes has elapsed shut off water and put the lid securely back on.

Make sure there are no obstructions in the way of the condenser fan motors blade.

Now we know the compressor is cool so when we try it again if it still doesn’t start, its junk.

Now put your amp probe back on the common wire of the compressor and set it to mfd.

Watch the meter again while you turn the power back on and start the machine.

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