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Las Vegas Air Conditioning

Where Your Concerns Meet Our Solutions…Since 1969

We are a full-service heating and air conditioning repair, replacement, service and informational company located in Las Vegas, NV.

In Las Vegas AC repair is a priority, that’s why we are available to you 24 hours a day 365 days a year. And, offer a 100% money back guarantee. Here, you will find out how to repair an air conditioner, or you can schedule one of our professional AC service and repair technicians to come for a home visit and we will repair your air conditioning or heating system for you today.

With 4.8 Stars and over 60 reviews. State of the art equipment and as an Nv Energy participating contractor we can clean, tune or repair your air conditioning better than most. We’ve also been here long enough to know doing things right the first time is the only way. But most important, we care.

Our Carefully chosen pros will arrive on time, be polite and tell the truth. But best of all we’ll leave your air conditioner running in tip-top shape.

We can help you with all your heating or air conditioning repairs. No matter how large or small.

  • 5 Years Warranty On Most Repairs.

  • LifeTime Installation Warranty.

If You Need Air Conditioning Repair In Las Vegas, Call Now.

You won’t find a company who cares more. That’s why you can trust Las Vegas Air Conditioning.

We Treat Our Team Like Family.

So They Treat You Like Family.

Choosing an Air Conditioning Contractor is a Big Decision.

Here’s Our Resume.

50+ years repairing air conditioners right here in Las Vegas, NV

100% guaranteed work, 5 Year Repair, 10 – Lifetime on Replacements.

4.8 Stars Of 62 Reviews Google

Fully licensed, insured and bonded in the state of Nevada.

We wrote the book on the AC repair procedure “The Repair Matrix”

A+ with the better business bureau.

4.5 Stars On Yelp

Heating Service and Repair we do that too

Free in home estimates on replacement units

Open 24/7 for your service.

Technicians are hired based on moral and trustworthiness first.

The Gamst Advantage (read more)

5 Stars On Porch

Honest, fair and upfront pricing.

Serving all of Las Vegas, NV

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Emergency home repair service

For Las Vegas only. Our team of technical repair professionals will come to your home, quickly diagnose your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace using our patented repair matrix method and have you back up heating or cooling in no time.

Your safety and comfort is our first priority

When we send someone to your home, you can rest assured the technician who shows up will be clean, eager and he will treat you like his own family. A Las Vegas Air Technician goes through regular drug tests and a background check to ensure only the best, brightest and most responsible people work here.

No Surprises at Las Vegas Air Conditioning

We give honest up front pricing before proceeding with the repairs and we never exaggerate symptoms you’ll hear only the truth from us. Our pricing is always fair and we vow that it is impossible to get a better value for a lower price than at Las Vegas Air Conditioning Inc.

We advise you of every option.

If repairing is your best option, then that’s what we do. But, on the other hand if we see dangerous situations or hazards situations that make us feel the air conditioner or heater may have seen its day and is better off being replaced. We would then give you options for repair and replacement, with our recommendations and why.

But there’s one difference with us, we can always fix it. You’ll never hear I can’t from us, because if old things couldn’t be fixed, there would be no classic cars on the road. But, there are times when a repair is so expensive and the heating unit, furnace or air conditioner may have some other soon to come break down, that we deem it more costly to fix. When it’s time to replace your existing air conditioner, Las Vegas air conditioning has a team is pros who deliver the best new system installation in the valley.

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What We Do

AC Installation

Get a new air conditioner now.

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AC Repair

Is the air broken? Get your fix now!

Only $25.00

We wrote the book on AC Repair

When you hire a company like Las Vegas Air Conditioning, your guaranteed to have it fixed right, because we wrote the book on ac repair.

No, seriously we did write the book “The Repair Matrix “a step by step how to diagnose and repair air conditioners for professionals or homeowners alike. With it anyone who’s willing could fix an air conditioner or a furnace.


Heating Installation

Need a new furnace? Call anytime.

For a Free estimate

Heating Repair

Heat broken? Get your fix now

Only $25.00


Need your AC checkup? Schedule now.

Only $79.00 for a full preventative service

Meet Us

Meet the LV Air team!

Studies show 90% of air conditioning and heating systems installed in the US are installed wrong.

Those 90% all have comfort robbing or energy wasting properties due to improper installation. At Las Vegas Air Conditioning we guarantee you won’t have one of those problems because every one of our installations is guaranteed to be in the top 10% in the country and trouble free.

Right in the Las Vegas valley, there’s nothing we can’t fix. There’s no job too small or big for us.

Our team is led by the two Gamst brothers who both started working on air conditioners with their father John Gamst after school and on weekends. So neither one remembers learning the trade it just came natural. A foundation like that and a passion to do the right thing is what makes our company what it is today. A Leading Technological HVAC thought leader and and the only place to get a 5 year part warranty with repairs.

  • Residential Diagnostic
    Diagnostic and search for reason for no cool or no heat.
  • Residential Tune-Up / Cleaning
    Tune System, Clean Condenser, Check Freon & Parts.

    Additional Systems are $49

  • Commercial Diagnostic Of Broken System
    Search & Diagnostic of broken unit in a commercial building
  • Home Or Business AC Inspection
    Includes checking of heating and cooling for new home inspections.
  • Commercial Tune-Up / Clean
    Clean, Tune and check freon on Commercial Building.

    Additional systems are $49

Find out if you qualify for our amazing special deals and giveaways!

Get Your Service Call Waived

Give us permission and we’ll record and broadcast the diagnostic or repair of your air conditioner to YouTube. Your diagnostic video will appear on our channel and be used for training purposes. When we stream live video of ourselves, you bet we’ll do it right or somebody will call us on it live on air.

Our technicians would never record your home without your permission first. This service is not automatic when you call us for service.

Cant afford repairs? We are giving away FREE repair service!

Do you need AC Repair in Las Vegas but, can’t afford it? Or, maybe u you know someone who really needs our help. Then here’s where you tell your story!

Tell us your story or why you are in need of assistance and don’t leave out the details because well read it over and if your story touches our heart you may qualify or be chosen for a free AC repair by one of our pros.

12 Months No interest financing

We know that money is tight in this world, that’s why we offer a wide range of financing options. You could finance a $500 part for 12 months no interest or you could finance a $5000 new air conditioner for as little as $62.50 a Month.

The options are many we even have revolving accounts so future finance options are easy for current customers. So no matter what your budget or need Las Vegas Air has your solution. So give us a call now you won’t be disappointed.

We provide 24/7 service.

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